Last Updated on January 21, 2022

If you are applying for an ROTC scholarship, a key element is making sure you meet height and weight requirements as you begin the application process.

Non-scholarship cadets do not need to meet requirements, however if you are planning on winning a scholarship, you must meet height and weight requirements before you are awarded the scholarship.

You should consider height and weight requirements like grades. You must meet standards the entire time you are on scholarship or you may lose your scholarship. This is why it’s vital to know the requirements! Looking for information on the ROTC fitness test? Read this article.

Does your Student Meet the Height and Weight Requirements for an ROTC Scholarship?

Here’s how to tell:

Step 1: Review the acceptable weight ranges for each branch for ROTC below

  • Does your student fall within these ranges?
    • Yes – Your student meets standards! You’re done!
    • No – proceed to Step 2

Step 2: Take measurements to determine body fat percentage (only if you don’t fall within the acceptable weight range)

  • Use a calculator that uses the neck, waist, and hip measurement method to determine body fat percentage
    • If your student is below the maximum allowable body fat below in this table, you meet standards

Make sure to know where you fall in the ranges below for each ROTC scholarship program so you can plan accordingly.

Consider Muscle Mass – Athletes May Bust Weight but Meet Body Fat Requirements

Some ROTC scholarship applicants who exceed the weight limits are below the body fat percentage requirements, as athletes. Keep this in mind and be sure to use the same methodology to calculate body fat as the ROTC program.

Step 1 – Do you meet weight requirements by height?

Below are tables showing the allowable weight for both men and women for maintaining ROTC scholarship standards.

If you are below these weight limits, you meet ROTC standards. If you are above these weight limits, measure your body fat to see if you meet body fat standards shown in Step 2.

Step 2 – Do you meet body fat requirements?

chart showing ROTC scholarship body fat requirements

If you fall within these ranges using the neck, waist, and hip (females only) body fat calculation method, then you are within standards for an ROTC scholarship!

If you do not meet these requirements, keep working!


We hope this post was helpful and wish you the best of luck as you pursue an ROTC scholarship and service in our nation’s Armed Forces.

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