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The ROTC scholarship application process can be complex and confusing. We are ROTC Consulting provide you peace of mind and the needed expertise to navigate this process.  Indeed, the ROTC scholarship is one of the most valuable college scholarships in the United States. It pays up to full tuition, a monthly salary, and a yearly book allowance for those applicants who wish to become officers in the United States Army, Navy, Air Force or Marines. We are led by a former ROTC Professor of Military Science who has commanded two ROTC programs and awarded over 600 scholarships to high school seniors. Our services will ensure that you are the next recipient of an ROTC scholarship!

case studies

Let the stories speak for themselves.

Case Study 1:

SAT/ACT Score concerns

James is an active high school student who is a member of the varsity football team and is member of the student senate. He is a very good student with a 3.7 unweighted GPA and is taking a strong high school course load to include AP courses. However, he is not a good standardized test taker….

Case Study 2:

Paying for Room and Board

Patricia is open to applying to a number of different colleges or universities in order to maximize her ROTC scholarship. She would like to win a scholarship but also earn a room and board scholarship as well as other incentives….

Case Study 3:

Maximizing scholarship chances

Peter is set on attending a high-cost prestigious college, and through his research he understands that four-year, full tuition ROTC scholarships are competitive and that most applicants receive something less than a full four-year scholarship...

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Consulting Services

Expertise on How to Win An Army, Navy, or Air Force ROTC Scholarship or a Service Academy Appointment

Free initial assessment

Free initial assessment to include telephone conference

Application assistance

Application assistance and review to include essay editing

Military interview coaching

Military interview coaching via Skype

ROTC program

Determination of “Best Fit” ROTC program


$2500 for the first application. Reduced rates for additional applications.

Meet the Team

Lieutenant Colonel Robert O. Kirkland

U.S. Army, Retired

Lieutenant Colonel Kirkland was one of the few officers ever to lead two separate Army ROTC programs…read more

Colonel Lee Reynolds

U.S. Army, Retired

Colonel Reynolds served as the Detachment Commander for the University of Southern California…read more

Frequently Asked Questions

Generally, the ROTC scholarship applications open online between April and June for juniors who will be rising seniors in high school. You should contact us between April and December to start application process so that you can be evaluated by the Services for the ROTC scholarship in the Fall or latest after the first of the year.

Our consulting services are helpful in a number of ways. Clients state that the interview preparation via video conferencing and scholarship essay review are the two most important services we provide outside of the book.

We help with all areas of the application. Maximizing the point totals, advising whether to retake standardized tests, help with any psychological testing, general medical questions, best fit schools where scholarship benefits can be maximized, and connecting the applicant with currently serving officers and ROTC cadets to learn more about life as a cadet/midshipman and future officer.

As military personnel and persons knowledgeable about ROTC, we are able to call individual university ROTC programs and “talk the lingo” about ROTC and find out information about specific programs that a candidate would not otherwise be able to determine. We can also talk directly to the ROTC Service component headquarters to help ease the application process.

We charge $2500 for one application. There are reduced rates for additional applications. We provide a full refund if you don’t receive a scholarship.

This is our fourth year in advising clients and over 95% have won a scholarship. If we take you on as a client, you will win a scholarship or we will refund all your money.

Yes! We have a new book out on the West Point admissions process and can guide you through the Service Academy application.

We limit ourselves to 20 clients per year so we can properly attend to each applicant.

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