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Military Scholarship Consulting

We are the most comprehensive non-governmental source regarding winning ROTC scholarships. We are relentless in discovering new information on these processes and updating previous information when ROTC policies change. We transmit this knowledge via our website, podcast, and through books and courses. We personally guide selected students in obtaining a scholarship.

Our Books – The Insider’s Guide to ROTC Scholarships

  • Provides in depth techniques on how to secure an Army, Navy, or Air Force ROTC scholarship
  • Information and tips found no place else
  • Purchase either an eBook or physical copy through Amazon

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Consulting Services

Expertise on How to Win An Army, Navy, or Air Force ROTC Scholarship or a Service Academy Appointment

Initial assessment

 Initial assessment to include telephone conference.  Fee can be applied to any of our services.

Application assistance

Application assistance and review to include essay editing

Military interview coaching

Military interview coaching via Zoom

ROTC program

Determination of “Best Fit” ROTC program


Flat rate for the first application. Reduced rates for additional applications.

Meet Your ROTC Scholarship Team

The ROTC scholarship application process can be complex and confusing. At Military Scholarship Consulting, we provide you peace of mind and the needed expertise to navigate the ROTC scholarship process. Indeed, the ROTC scholarship is one of the most valuable college scholarships in the United States. It pays up to full tuition, a monthly salary, and a yearly book allowance for those applicants who wish to become officers in the United States Army, Navy, Air Force or Marines. We are led by a former ROTC Professor of Military Science who has commanded two ROTC programs and awarded over 600 scholarships to high school seniors. Our services will ensure that you are the next recipient of an ROTC scholarship!

LTC Robert Kirkland

U.S. Army, retired

Lieutenant Colonel Kirkland was one of the few officers ever to lead two separate Army ROTC programs–Claremont McKenna…read more

Captain Matthew Roberts

U.S. Navy, retired

Captain Roberts, a former Professor of Naval Science at Auburn University and graduate of the University of Arizona…read more

Colonel Lee Reynolds

U.S. Army, Retired

Colonel Reynolds served as the Detachment Commander for the University of Southern California Army ROTC…read more

Trisha Dach

U.S. Air Force Veteran

Trisha Dach served 7 years on active duty as an Intelligence Officer. She is a graduate of the class of 2011 of the Air Force…read more

Dr. (Colonel) William Corr

U.S. Army, Retired

Dr. Corr is a graduate of the United States Military Academy, West Point. He continued his education at the military’s…read more

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