ROTC Consulting Services

Comprehensive, personalized, and ongoing ROTC scholarship guidance to help you craft a stand-out application to earn a scholarship to the program of your choice.

Our Innovative Approach to Earning ROTC Scholarships

The process to earn an ROTC scholarship isn’t straightforward. Our goal is to simplify the process while teaching students actionable steps to take to increase their odds of earning a scholarship.

Serving in the military as an officer and leader is a selfless act of service. While ROTC scholarships offer young men and women the opportunity to graduate college debt free, the commitment to serve and lead in our nation’s military is not to be taken lightly.

With competition continuing to increase, it’s never been more essential for families and students to understand the strategic steps to take that give them a competitive edge. We can help.

Our students have earned ROTC scholarships to all four branches:

Our students have earned ROTC scholarships to all four branches:

Comprehensive Admissions Guidance

  • 1:1 Strategy Planning

  • Timeline Guidance and Management

  • Interview Preparation

  • Intensive Essay Development

  • Extracurricular and Resume Development

  • Teacher Recommendations

  • Officer Mentorship

  • DoDMERB Medical Guidance

  • Fitness Assessment Support


students we’ve helped earn appointments to all four branches of ROTC scholarships


earn an ROTC scholarship


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Our Team

Together with a combined total of over 25 years of experience, the ROTC Consulting team is dedicated to helping you learn how to earn a scholarship. We’ve been in your shoes, and now we’re here to mentor, teach, and coach you through the entire process. Learn more about us here.

LTC Robert Kirkland

Former Army ROTC Commander of 2 Separate Detachments

Col Lee Reynolds

Former Army ROTC Commander

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Trisha Penrod

Air Force Academy

Class of 2011

Breaking Down Our Approach

1:1 Strategy Planning

After years of research and experience helping students earn appointments, we know what the ROTC scholarship boards are looking for.

We help you understand what the board prioritizes and what you can do to strengthen your application based on the “Scholar, Athlete, Leader” model. Each branch of service weighs unique aspects of your application differently.

Timeline Guidance and Management

We are here to help you manage the many requirements and make sure nothing is overlooked. Based on your specific situation, there may be advantages to submitting or waiting to submit specific aspects of your application.

Interview Preparation

How do you prepare for a military interview without military experience?

Your coach will walk you through all possible questions, undertaking mock interviews and showing you how to use your unique story to connect to the military ethos.

Intensive Essay Development

Essays are your chance to tell your unique story while demonstrating the qualities ROTC detachments desire in leaders: grit, determination, resilience, and a desire to serve.

We will help you craft your essays all the way from brainstorming to your final draft.

Physical Fitness Assessment Support

We help you understand how your current scores impact your odds of earning a scholarship and where to focus your effort to maximize improvement.

Extracurricular and Resume Development

Your resume is your chance to demonstrate leadership potential. Accurately explaining the impact you made in each activity will help demonstrate future officer potential.

We help you craft a resume that provides a realistic portrayal of all your scholastic, athletic, and leadership qualities.

Teacher Recommendations

We help you identify teachers to approach for recommendations and help them format the letters to showcase your character and leadership potential.

Officer Mentorship

ROTC programs are leadership programs. We provide access to current and former officers to give students a better understanding of the commitment and journey they are about to embark on.

This aspect of preparation helps to craft a thoughtful application and sets students apart from others in terms of thinking through their life goals and how they will serve.

DoDMERB Medical Guidance

In order to be considered for an appointment, students must pass a medical exam. We break down how these requirements apply to your student and make sure students are on track to have the best chance possible of being medically qualified. If needed, we will provide you with guidance on how to obtain a waiver in the case of disqualification.

Peace of Mind

We offer families a satisfaction guarantee. If you aren’t happy with the quality of services we provide, we’ll refund your money.

Peace of Mind

We offer families a satisfaction guarantee. If you aren’t happy with the quality of services we provide, we’ll refund your money.

Our Services

Full-Service Consulting


Proven guidance helping students earn an ROTC scholarship to one branch of service. We will help your student navigate the entire application process from start to finish, building confidence while completely personalizing the process to their individual and actionable goals.

Interview Preparation


Depending on your student’s situation, the interview can determine whether or not students earn a scholarship. Our services will help your student confidently communicate what they bring to the table, improving their odds of earning a coveted scholarship.

Do-It-Yourself “Advice Only” Retainer


We serve as a resource to your candidate in answering questions throughout their ROTC scholarship application process beginning Spring of junior year, but your student completes the application and prepares everything on their own.

Strategy Session


Schedule a 1-hour session with us. Together, we will build a strategy for your student’s application process, based on your student’s interests, objectives, and goals.

This fee can be applied towards interview preparation or full-service consulting.

DoDMERB Session


Schedule a 1-hour session to create a plan to pursue a waiver for the ROTC program(s) you’re applying to. Designed for students who have one or more disqualifications or know they will be DQ’d.

This fee can be applied towards continued DoDMERB guidance and support.

What our happy clients say about us:

There’s nothing like someone who really understands what the process is: who’s lived it, who’s been in it, who’s managed a unit. It’s actually a deal, the fee compared to winning scholarships worth $350,000.

Thank you for your help. I have big doubts we would have gotten here without your help.

Charles, Parent of a 4-Year Army & Marine Corps Option Scholarship Winner
It’s probably the best investment that I ever made in terms of the rate of return.
Tom , Parent of a 4-Year Army ROTC Scholarship Winner
You were an experienced source of information that really helped us plot the right course. You were dedicated to getting Sam the best shot at winning the scholarship. I could sense that you are truly interested in putting great people into military service.  We also appreciated your honest opinions, no sugar coating.
Scott, Parent of a Marine Corps Option Scholarship Winner
The whole process was really great because you were so easily accessible and you were there with us the whole way. One of the best parts of the process of working with you was helping us to understand the benefits of each college we planned to apply to, helping Lizzie make the best decision on how to use her scholarship.
Cindy, Parent of an Army Nursing ROTC Scholarship Winner
You have an idea of what your goals are, but don’t know the exact steps to take. It was definitely a huge help to go through each step of the application together in detail. The interview questions we went over were spot on and helped tremendously.
Mike, 4-Year Army ROTC Scholarship Winner

School counselors really don’t have the knowledge to be able to say: This is what you need to do. You need to start this in August. You can’t wait until January to start this whole process.

Your services were great. Just keeping us on our timeline as to what we needed to do and when. Working with you has definitely paid off.

Dawn, Parent of a Air Force and Army ROTC Scholarship Winner