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“Although it’s tough to hear, having your flaws pointed out is extremely helpful. That true and honest feedback you were able to give me was extremely helpful in my application process.”


AFROTC Scholarship Winner Class of 2025

Grandparent of NROTC Scholarship Winner

“Your structured approach to the interview process and ability to help Jacob focus made a significant impact on his preparation”

Jacob, NROTC Scholarship Winner, Class of 2028

Air Force ROTC Scholarship Recipient

“Being interviewed by people who were actually in the military showed me what to expect .”

Kelly, parent of AFROTC Scholarship Winner, Class of 2028

Army ROTC Nursing Scholarship Winner

“Your guidance on focusing on private colleges and understanding their benefits was huge in our decision-making process. You really had my best interests in mind, rather than just treating me like a client.”

Lizzy and Cindy, AROTC Scholarship Winner, Class of 2026

Marie Corps Option ROTC Scholarship

“Having an experienced source of information was crucial. We were guessing before, but ROTC Consulting had the knowledge to help us plot the right course.”

Scott and Sam, Marine Corps Option ROTC Scholarship Winner, Class of 2026

Army ROTC Winner

Hear from Mike and his father, Tom, about how Mike benefited from ROTC Consulting to win an Army ROTC scholarship.

Army and Marine Corps Option ROTC Winner

Hear from Charles about his son winning both an Army and Navy-Marine Corps Option ROTC scholarship with the help of our services.

Air Force ROTC Winner

Hear from Mike and his mother Dawn about Mike winning both an Air Force and Army ROTC scholarship with the help of our services.

ROTC Scholarship Consultant Expert

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