What is the Process Navy ROTC Uses to Choose and Notify Scholarship Recipients?

Navy ROTC scholarship selection process is complex, it is also fair and thorough, ensuring that each candidate’s submission is carefully evaluated.

Our recommendation: focus on the strength of your application rather than rushing to submit early.

Here are the key elements you need to know when applying for the Navy ROTC scholarship and awaiting a decision:

Understand the Scholarship Review Process

The Navy ROTC board rigorously reviews every properly submitted package over the course of many different boards throughout the fall, winter and spring.

The timing of the final decision can be influenced by:

  • The number of records reviewed
  • How close your total score is to the “cut off” score the board is using for scholarship decisions
  • Operational factors such as the approving authority’s availability, and new software systems (Real leaders in NROTC sit on these boards)

Selection Notifications

Applicants will be informed if they are accepted, not selected, or placed on an alternate list. Not all alternates are directly informed of their status. 

Alternates are normally selected by the end of April.

What does it mean to be on the alternate list?

If you are an alternate, this means that you were close to the selection cut-off and you have a strong, but not guaranteed, chance of eventually being selected.

No Decision Status

This status is fluid throughout the selection season.

Initially, it means that no decision has been made regarding your package.

As the season progresses (into the winter and early spring), it may indicate that your package was reviewed but not yet decided upon, potentially leading to alternate status or non-selection.

Statistics and Trends

The current season will see 1900 scholarships offered, including specific numbers for MSI and Nurse Corps, highlighting a near 50% selection chance.

Early submission does not necessarily mean increased chances of selection, as the focus is on the quality of the package.

Importance of Tier Selection

The tier selection can significantly affect the chances of being selected as an alternate, especially since Tier 3 majors have a cap, and exceeding this can lead to otherwise competitive applicants having to wait longer for a decision. Choose your major wisely!

We hope you find the following summary useful as you navigate the Navy ROTC scholarship process.

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CAPT Matthew Roberts (USN, Ret.) is an expert on Navy and Marine Corps Option ROTC Scholarships, along with leadership. He served for over 30 years in the United States Navy, retiring as a Professor of Naval Science at Auburn University.

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