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Explore the different service’s ROTC scholarship programs below

Helpful Tools

ROTC College Incentives

Learn which colleges reward scholarship recipients with free room and board, in-state tuition, and other benefits

Army ROTC Incentives – $20

Air Force ROTC Incentives – $15

Navy ROTC Incentives – $10

Explore Specific Topics

Read about specific aspects of the application process

ROTC Scholarship Interviews

Writing Essays for your Application

ROTC Deadlines

DoDMERB Medical Clearance

Listen to the Podcast

Never Miss a ROTC Scholarship Deadline

Online Courses

Complete ROTC Scholarship Courses

We walk you through the entire process of winning an ROTC scholarship

How to Win ROTC Scholarships to Army, Air Force, and Navy ROTC

How to Win an Air Force ROTC Scholarship

How to win an Army ROTC Scholarship

How to Win a Navy or Marine Corps Option ROTC Scholarship

Shorter Courses by Topic

Deep dive into one specific topic in one week or less

Get DoDMERB Qualified

Ace your Air Force ROTC Scholarship Interview

Ace your Army ROTC Scholarship Interview

Write Compelling Army ROTC Essays

Read More on ROTC Scholarship Programs

One-on-one Coaching

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