Winning Navy ROTC Essay Examples

The following are winning four-year scholarship essays from Navy ROTC-Marine Corps option applicants we have worked within the past at ROTC Consulting. These also apply to Navy ROTC because the prompts are the same. We will provide commentary at the end of each essay as to why each of these Navy ROTC essay examples is effective.

Winning Navy ROTC Essay #1


Discuss your reasons for wanting to become a Marine Officer. Specifically, comment on leadership positions you’ve held, the challenges you have faced and the lessons you have learned.

Winning Answer:

My desire to become an officer in the Marine Corps stems from my passion for leadership, athletic merit, community service, and my country. These attributes will greatly assist me on my quest to earn the title of Marine officer.

In order to make that statement, I needed to better understand what life would be like as a ROTC midshipman and future Marine lieutenant. I had an action plan to find out more. I visited the Texas A&M Naval ROTC and talked to midshipmen and the officer staff about what it takes to be a midshipman. I have spoken to several commissioned officers about my chosen career as a Marine aviation officer and learned about the responsibility and standards that will be demanded of me leading enlisted Marines. It is an awesome responsibility that begins with my enrollment in the Naval ROTC

I embrace leadership. For two years I have been the student leader for my school’s design program. My responsibilities included developing solutions to intricate problems, crafting enhanced ways of teaching subjects for teachers, and mentoring younger students on the proper use of tools and safety. This upcoming year I will be a part of the inaugural community-based design class in which we will identify and solve problems in our community.

Sports have been an integral part of my life. From a state-ranked ten-year-old swimmer to a three-time tennis state champion at 17, I have matured into a solid athlete but also a strong teammate and leader. As the cross-country team captain, my goal was not only to form a bond but also to succeed as a team. In my second year as the team captain, I am working to set an example of strong work ethic and to create an atmosphere of camaraderie. I understand the importance the Marine Corps places on being physically fit. As an officer, you must set the example and physical fitness excellence is one way to demonstrate this.

Giving back to my community has become important. Teaching kids with autism how to play tennis has been extremely fulfilling, because it gives them the chance to be athletes who are defined by their skill and not by their condition. I have also found great joy in teaching tennis to younger kids and introducing them to the sport that has given back to me. I believe serving my community for its betterment has made a lasting impact on me and instilled the true value of service to others.

Patriotism and loyalty are two traits that describe my love of this country My whole life I have felt extremely lucky to have been raised and given a great education in this amazing country. I would like to put my education and leadership skills to use in the best way possible, defending this great nation while helping to lead the world’s premier fighting force.

Commentary on why this essay is successful:

Notice that this essay is a combination of showing things that he did to learn more about being both a cadet and an officer in the United States Navy as well as what the candidate did in high school that applies to the question.

In our opinion, the first part of the essay, namely, demonstrating what you know about the Navy or Marine Corps, in the more important part of the essay. This can be demonstrated by letting Navy ROTC know what research you did on the internet, who you talked to (both cadets/midshipmen and officers) and especially what things you did to visit ROTC programs and actual Navy or Marine Corps units (such as Navy or Marine Corps Reserve Units) to talk with both officers and noncommissioned officers to learn the duties and responsibilities of a lieutenant or ensign.

In addition, did you take the time to visit a Navy ROTC program? If so, what did you learn? Are you ready for the challenges of Navy ROTC? Tell the board members that you took the time to visit and learn more about Navy ROTC and are excited about being a midshipmen/cadet.

Winning Navy ROTC Essay #2

How might your background and experiences enhance the U.S. Marine Corps?

Winning Answer:

My experiences in leadership and community service have provided a strong foundation for me to build off of and further develop as a midshipman and future officer in the United States Marine Corps. Throughout high school I have had valuable leadership opportunities in the classroom, on athletic teams, in church, and in my community.

For the past two years, I have been the student leader in my school’s design program using my problem-solving abilities and organizational skills to guide other students to success in the classroom. Junior year I became the captain of the boys varsity cross country team. I take this honor seriously and work to set an example by having a strong work ethic and a positive attitude for the team. My experience as a leader, coupled with the training I would receive as a midshipman, will help make me a strong future leader of Marines.

My commitment to service is something that I take great pride in. It is not the quantity of community service hours I have, but the quality of service. I believe that the time you do spend must be applied to something meaningful to better the community. To truly make a difference you also have to show passion in your service. I have volunteered every summer with my church to help with their vacation bible school. I have helped with a dog rescue, and I have rung the bell for the Salvation Army. However, what fulfills me the most is volunteering at a weekly tennis clinic for children with autism as well as a tournament for veterans. I have worked closely with the program director to help plan and make each event successful. Working with people who have both mental and physical challenges and seeing them succeed is very rewarding. I understand that selfless service and a servant’s heart are important attributes of Maine officers and I believe my experiences will prepare me to be a better Marine officer.

Commentary on why this essay is successful:

This is where you provide Navy ROTC your “signature” accomplishments. The top three to four things you are most proud of. List each and then explain in a paragraph why this accomplish is significant. In this way, you highlight to the selection committee clearly what you are most proud of and what they need to pay attention to. This is where you get to “brag” about yourself.

Final Thoughts on Navy ROTC essays:

These essays are important to Navy ROTC. These winning ROTC essay examples highlight several things. Essay #1 needs to show what effort you put in to learn more about Navy ROTC and the duties and responsibilities of an ensign or lieutenant. Essay #2 is your signature accomplishments to demonstrate why you should be selected for a scholarship over someone else. Make sure you highlight only the most important things you have done.

If you do the above things, you are that much closer to winning a Navy ROTC Scholarship!

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