Hi All,

After spending six years as a PMS at two separate Army ROTC programs (Claremont McKenna College and the University of Southern California), I conducted well over 200 PMS interviews. In advising people who come to me now for advice, they ask me what the number one thing to do is in order to be successful in the interview. [note that this question also is applicable to Academy interviews].

I tell them the most surprising thing for me is how little interviewees know about the ROTC, the Service, and what life will be like as a lieutenant (or ensign). Simple questions I posed such as: Do you know what life will be like as an ROTC cadet? (or) What branch or specialty do you want to serve in? –-was often met with silence, a blank stare, or an answer which showed their lack of knowledge.

So how do you prevent this from happening to you in your future interview?

Some tips:

–Visit your local ROTC program well before you interview. Talk to cadre and students who are in the ROTC program. (this helps you answer the interview question about how much you know about ROTC)

–Do your due diligence and research what lieutenants or ensigns do in the Service and what the various officer specialties are. The Services websites are great for this and often have videos which you can view on the subject.

–Visit a local National Guard or Reserve unit. “Shadow” a junior officer for a few hours on a drill weekend. Ask questions about what life is like as an officer and what officers do.

–Talk to a serving junior officer in the Service you are interested in.

If you become educated and knowledge and do your due diligence, it tells the interviewer that you are serious about becoming an officer. Tell your interviewer what you did to become educated. It will impress him or her. You then become the 5% of interview candidates who have adequately prepared in this regard.

There are many more tips that come to mind for me but this one is probably at the top of the list….

Good luck on your future ROTC (and Academy) interviews.