Last Updated on January 21, 2022

The two questions that have been raised by applicants who are rising high school seniors is whether the requirements or timelines will be changed for the SAT/ACT standardized tests and the impact of the cancellation of extracurricular activities (sports, volunteer opportunities, community service) to applicant competitiveness.

Regarding SAT/ACT:

Army, Navy and Air Force is requiring the SAT or ACT. Board dates appear to be on schedule as per previous years.

Regarding extracurricular activities:

ROTC will take into account the challenges students face regarding cancellation of leadership opportunities. There may be additional guidance in the application that allows the applicant to reflect the activities that he/she would have participated in had COVID-19 not caused these cancellations. Many organizations such as Boys/Girls State give credit if you were selected to participate in these programs. The emphasis will be in not penalizing candidate for lack of opportunity.

West Point’s COVID-19 Site for Applicants of the Class of 2025 is very informative. Since all the Service Academies and ROTCs want to march in lockstep regarding these issues, their instructions to candidates will apply to all the Services.

(of course)….we will be sure to continue to update you on this situation!

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