Hi Everyone. For those who applied for the Air Force ROTC scholarship this past year (2019-2020) we know that a number of you are discouraged in not receiving a scholarship.
We just wanted to give you the numbers this year (unofficial) for Air Force ROTC. There was a large decrease in awardees this year.
This year 1982 were awarded, down from 2534 last year, a 22% drop.
Selection rate was 58.5%, well below recent historical norm of 70-80%.
Type 1 – 154 (last year 284)
Type 2 – 299 (last year 437)
Type 7 – 1529 (last year 1813)
This drop likely accounts for why many did not receive a scholarship.
We have begun to issue a number of full refund checks (on our money back policy) to our clients who didn’t receive an Air Force scholarship. We are disappointed for them.
Again, we wish you all of you the best and we sincerely hope this does not deter you from continuing to pursue Air Force ROTC when you attend college this fall.