We are thrilled to announce the release of the latest edition of our book, The Insider’s Guide to the Air Force ROTC Scholarship For High School Students and Parents: Calculate Your Board Score. This essential guide has been crafted by Lieutenant Colonel Kirkland, an expert with firsthand experience and deep understanding of the Air Force ROTC scholarship program.

What’s Inside this Unique Guide?

This book is a comprehensive treasure chest filled with all the information you need to understand the Air Force ROTC scholarship program. It delivers insights into the selection process, making the complex simple, and the unknown familiar. This is not just about providing information – it’s about empowering you to increase your chances of securing a prestigious scholarship.

Updates You Can’t Miss

This new edition incorporates recent changes to the scholarship program, including the establishment of the U.S. Space Force and the introduction of a Space Force scholarship option. As the selection process evolves, this guide ensures you remain updated, providing you the most current and accurate information to succeed.

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Helping You Understand Your Level of Competitiveness

More than just a source of information, this guide comes packed with practical tools and resources. Lieutenant Colonel Kirkland offers guidance on how to calculate your board score, a vital aspect of your application. By knowing your board score, you’ll gain insights into your competitiveness for the scholarship.

With this guide in your hands, you are well-equipped to attain your dreams of earning an Air Force or Space Force ROTC scholarship. Whether you’re a high school student eager to step into a challenging and rewarding future or a parent wanting the best for your child, this book is your go-to resource.

Seize the opportunity to be part of one of the largest and most generous scholarship programs in the country. Understand the selection intricacies, make the right moves, and enhance your chances to secure this scholarship.

You can purchase a digital copy of the book here, or order a physical copy through Amazon.

With The Insider’s Guide to the Air Force ROTC Scholarship, you are one step closer to achieving your dream of becoming an Air Force or Space Force Officer. We hope this guide illuminates your path towards success in the ROTC scholarship selection process.

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LTC Robert Kirkland

Lieutenant Colonel Robert Kirkland (USA, Ret.) is an expert on military admissions and leadership. He served for over 25 years in the United States Army, including stints as an instructor at West Point and as a commander of two Army ROTC programs. He has helped students win ROTC scholarships for 8 years.

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